1870 Voter Lists

Title: "Spis Uprawnionych do Wyborcow Sejmawych" (List of Eligible Voters for Parliament (Diet))

Archive (original): Polish State Archive, Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland

Archive (copied): Central Archive of the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP), Jerusalem, Israel

Image Acquisition: (originals) ,Phyllis Kramer/Joan Krotenberg, Morey Altman (copies)

Indexing: Alexander Feller

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Spreadsheet Guide: A list of people from Rohatyn who were eligible to vote for members of the Parliament in 1870 (non-Jewish names not included). The database contains the individual's surname, given name, employment or property owner, house number and various taxes that were paid.

1870 Voter List

Document Guide: A footnote written at the end of the list appears as "Nineyaxy spzo srytonono i gmimie do wolonego poxejix i 8 douisry termain rohtamayany-egena pta ratan. Mytozorzo m ganinise Rogatin doria 870." Due to the illegible handwriting of this footnote, the lettering of this phrase is an approximate and translation is difficult. The list is signed and sealed with the mark, "Rohatyn, urzad gminy kr. wol. miasta."

The column headings of the list are written in Polish and have been translated to English. They are as follows:

    1. Licsba porzad = Item number.

    2. Imie i nazwisko = Name and surname

    3. Zatrudnienie = Employment

    4. Numer domu = House number

    5. Roczna Naleztyosc Podatku = Annual tax paid

    6. gruntowego = ground (land)

    7. domowego = home

    8. zarob dochod = profits to living wage (income)

    9. Uwaga = note

Occupations listed in the column for Employment are translated from Polish to English as follows:

Wlasciciel domu = owner of house

rolnik = farmer

krawiec = tailor

handel = peddler