Burshtyn Jewish Cemetery

This spreadsheet uses transcriptions by Jewish Galicia And Bukovina of tombstones currently existing in the Jewish Cemetery in Burshtyn, Ukraine, and correlates them to the deceased found in Burshtyn death records scanned by AGAD and the Przemyśl Identification Project. The spreadsheet contains 3 tabs: Master, Maiden Name Sort, and Married Name Sort.  You can locate a person by surname using the Sort worksheets and note the associated tombstone number.  Use the tombstone number in the Master worksheet to find tombstone and death record information. Note that not every tombstone had an associated death record.  To add information to the spreadsheet, contact the RDRG at rohatyn-shtetl@gmail.com.

Bursztyn Cemetery Tombstones

Analysis and Matching of Tombstones to Death Records and creation of above spreadsheet: Alexander Feller

Photos of tombstones and English translation of inscriptions: Jewish Galicia and Bukovina

Indexed Death records for Bursztyn 1849-1925, 1935:  JRI-Poland Indexing

Indexed Death Records for Bursztyn 1935: RohatynDRG, Donated to Gesher Galicia

Transcription of Death Index Records 1927-1929, 1931-1942: RohatynDRG, Donated to Gesher Galicia

Images of Original Death Records on AGAD website of Fond 300/0/107- 113, Fond 300/0/1764, Fond 300/0/2560, Fond 300/0/3336

Images of Original Death Indexes at Polish State Archive in Przmeyśl of Fond 154/70/390, Fond 154/70/496, Fond 154/70/427, Fond 154/70/207

Scanned by Gesher Galicia and the Przemyśl Identification Project

Location of Burshtyn Jewish Cemetery: Guide to Jewish Cemetery Preservation in Western Ukraine