Polish and Ukrainian Family Research

 the 1846 landowner records.  You may also find other ancestors in this database.  Its very possible that my transcription of Polish surnames is slightly off due to being unfamiliar with those surnames in Rohatyn so be keep an open mind when looking at the surnames in the database.  The link to that is:


Same for the 1820 Landowner database.


At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you will find tabs for different ways I sorted the information (ie by surname or house number)

Those may help show variations in spellings of names or what families might have lived at the same house number.

You can also look at the 1870 house owners/voters lists.  At the time I made that database, I only included Jewish names.  However, the lists contains all heads of households in Rohatyn so you can check out the images of the lists from the link on the 1870 Database webpage.  https://sites.google.com/site/rohatynshtetl/home/databases/1870-voter-tax-list

The Family History Library has vital records from churches in Rohatyn.  These can be viewed at FHL centers around the world.


These can also be found at the Polish State Archives in Poland.


Search your surnames of interest on genealogyindexer.org to find ancestors in directories or books.