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Translation of the Memorial by Michael Bohnen:

“The righteous will be remembered forever.”[1]

This 500 year old, ancient cemetery

in the city of Rohatyn

Generally known for the many righteous people

Buried in its cemetery

Among the righteous buried in the cemetery

Rabbi Hai Gaon, the Holy Light, Holy one of God[2]

Rabbi David Moshe Avraham (son of the sainted Rabbi Tzadok

of Troyes, Germany), Head of the Bet Din of Rohatyn,

Known as “Adam,” Author of Mirkevet Hamishneh[3] on the Mechilta

and other books, whose great attributes were recognized by all the leaders of Israel,

A kabbalist, who was visited at his home by the Baal Shem Tov in order

to fulfill the mitzvah of serving scholars

His resting place is in this area.

The holy Rebbe of Stretyn, the holy Rabbi Uri

Son of the holy Rabbi Isaac, descendants of the holy Rebbi of Stretyn[4]

The holy Rabbi Isaac Aaron and the holy Rabbi Yehudah Tzvi

The holy Rabbi Eliezer Hurvitz[5], head of the Rohatyn Bet Din

The holy Rebbe Natan Neta Leiter[6]

In memory of the martyrs in Gan Eden

And honoring the supporters[7]

Yeshaya ben Perel

Moshe Yitzchak Ben Leah, z”l

In memory of Mrs. Motyl daughter of Amram Yosef,

died 7 Adar 5658, survived by her children

Rabbi Moshe Mordechai and Rabbi Dov Ber

Rabbi Yaakov Aharon Diament

Yosha Ozer ben Perl

Tzvi ben Esther

Avraham ben Chana Schwartzel

David Yoel ben Chana

Ephraim Fishel Chaim ben Yocheved

Yaakov Shmuel ben Esther

Rebbetzin Leah bat Beile

Nisel bat Chanah

Rivka bat Sarah Gittel

Chava bat Freidel

Baruch ben ___

Reizel bat Chanah Freidel

[1] Psalms 112:6

[2] Hai Gaon (d. 1038) is not buried in Rohatyn. He lived in what is now Iraq and is buried in Hevron. The title page of Rabbi David Moshe Avraham’s book Mirkevet Hamshneh says it is “A wide-ranging commentary on the Mekhilta of Rabbi Yishmael as presented by Rabbi Hai Gaon”

[3] This book was written in 1730, but not printed (by the authors descendants) until 1895.

[4] The original Rebbe of Stretyn was Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi. His son was Rabbi Avramtsche (d. 1865). Rabbi Uri Langner (d. 1889) was married to Rabbi Avramtsche’s daughter. Uri’s children were Yehuda Zvi (d. 1907) and Yitzhak Aharon

[5] Author of the D’var Halacha, rabbi in Rohatyn in the 1850’s and ‘60s.

[6] c. 1790 - c. 1840

[7] I assume these are the people who funded the monument. It is interesting to note that they all list their mother’s name. There is a custom to do so when seeking a blessing from a tsaddik, a righteous person.

Translation of the Memorial to Rohatyn Rabbis by Marcel Apsel:

The righteous will be remembered forever

In the 500 years old cemetery

In the city of Rohatyn

In general terms it is known about many righteous people

Who are buried here in the cemetery

The rabbi, this Gaon, a holy light and holy by his spirit

Moreinu (our rabbi) rabbi David Moshe Avraham, son of Rabbi Tsadok

'Zal' (his memory should be blessed), a man from Troyes in Ashkenaz (meaning here the area NE France and SW Germany), head of the Bet Din of Rohatyn

Known as Adam (acronym of Avraham David Moshe; many rabbis use acronyms as pen names), author of the book 'Mirkevet Hamishne' on the Mechilta (comments on the Talmud)

And other books, where other great scholars of Israel (Jewish scholars) were wondered by its sublime high level (The Yod of Bemaalati should be a vav and been read as Bemaalato)

And it is generally known that the Besht (the Baal Shem Tov, spiritual founder of Chassidism) (Zal) visited him at his home

In order to fulfill the Mitzva of serving Talmudic scholars

His resting place is in this area (Rabbi David Moshe Avraham)

The Admor (highly respected and learned rabbi) of Stratyn, rabbi Uri

Son of the Rabbi Yitschak 'Zal' , descendants of the holy rabbis of Stratyn 'zal'

Rabbi Yitschak Aharon 'zal' and Rabbi Yehuda Zvi 'Zal'

Rabbi Elazar Horowitz 'zal', head of the Rohatyn Bet Din

The holy Admor Rabbi Natan Nute Leiter 'zal'

In memory of the current martyrs in Gan Eden and all their supporters

Yeshaya ben Perel Shlita, Moshe Yitschok ben Lea

Mrs Mattel (may she rest in peace), daughter of Amram Josef, died 7 Adar

5758 (1998) TNZVA

Immortalized by their children Yoshea Mordechai, Dov Ber

Yaakov Aharon Diamant, Joshea Oyzer ben Perel

Zvi ben Esther, Avraham ben Channa Schwartzel

David Joel ben Channa, Ephraim Fishel Chaim ben Yocheved

Yaakov Shmuel ben Esther, the rabbanit (rebbetzen) Lea bat Bayle

Nissel bat Channa, Rivka bat Sara Gittel

Chava bat Freidel, Baruch ben Serel

And Reizel bat Channa Freidel