Burials and Cemeteries

New York Area Cemeteries with Rohatyn Society Plots:

Rohatyn, Ukraine Cemeteries (Tombstone Photos):


The following database consists of names of deceased buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery in New York in plots associated with the Rohatyner Young Men's Society.  The main resource of names comes from the Mt. Zion Cemetery website.  The list below was obtained by searching the society field using 'Rohatynner' as the keyword.  The way the names are spelled in the Mt. Zion Cemetery website correspond to how they were spelled on the death certificate.  This can be verified by searching for the New York City Death Index on www.Italiangen.org.  These spellings sometimes differ from how the name was spelled on the tombstone.  The two different spellings are presented in the database below.  The date of burial was obtained from the Mt. Zion Cemetery website as well.

Information on these burials were uploaded to the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry by Phyllis Kramer along with photos of tombstones taken by Dr. Steve Turner. Steve has kindly shared his photos of the Mt. Zion tombstones of the Rohatyner Young Men's Society with the Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group. They can be found in the Mt. Zion Cemetery Tombstones Photo Album.  If you have a relative whose tombstone is pictured, feel free to leave any information about this relative in the comment box so all members can see.