1937 Polish Gymnazium Graduates

Photo: Graduates of the State Co-ed Secondary School in Rohatyn 1927-1937 (Abiturienci Państwowe Gimnazjum Koedukacuyjne w Rohatyńie  1927-1937)

Photo acquisition: Item purchased by Piotr Lewicki from allegro.pl

Item Location: Piotr Lewicki, Krakow, Poland (to be donated to the Opylla Museum in Rohatyn)

Photo Scanning: Piotr Lewicki

Image Stitching: Jay Osborn

Portrait Cropping and Upload: Alexander Feller

Link to Individual Portraits in the Image Photo Album for 1937 Gymnazium Graduates (If you can identify person, please write name in photo comments)

Photos of teachers and students who graduated from the Polish secondary school (aka Piotra Skargi or "Red School") in Rohatyn in 1937.  The photo seems to display one headmaster, ten male teachers, 14 female students, and 22 male students.  Each student portrait is stamped Fotograficzny “Kordyan”, the phototographic studio of Kordyan located at 20 3-May Street in Stryj.