As can be seen in this map, Perenowka lies just north of Rohatyn

Harriet has contributed a poem written by her father, Jacob Hornstein, about Perenowka.

If anyone else has any pictures or stories about Perenowka, please contribute them to this page.

Rohatyn in my mind and soul is reflecting always in the clear, refreshing bubbling waters of Perenowka

This remarkable peaceful source of water and tranquility was surrounded by farms and orchards. The smell of the flowers and the aroma of the crop is still in my nostrils.

Perenowka was a romantic place

peaceful, clear and crystal clean. So was the air.

An island with many birds singing at no end.

In the clear waters of Perenowka

we were dreaming of Israel

and we were given... courage to go to the unknown country and face [so many] difficulties.

---Jacob Hornstein z"l

From the Rohatyn Yizkor book page 101:

Who did not go walking to Perenowka and its forests? I remember how my father, the Rabbi of blessed memory, used to go walking there with his students and stop there to teach them their lesson in Talmud. On the way they would pass in front of a spring whose waters were recommended by Rabbi Meir of Przemyslany as a cure for eye diseases.