Deportations from Belgium

Deportees from Belgium to Auschwitz

Israel Jozef Fixler b. July 30, 1904 in Rohatyn Photo POT

Schulim Kirschen b. July 27, 1908 in Rohatyn Photo POT

Markus Stolz b. Jan. 22, 1877 in Rohatyn POT

Rachel Dreizie Wachtel b. Feb. 28, 1873 in Rohatyn Photo

Sachar Nuchim Weinstock b. August 30, 1901 in Rohatyn Photo POT

Deportees who were transported from the Dossin Barracks in Mechelen, Belgium to be murdered in Auschwitz. The source of Edgar's research is a book called Mecheln-Auschwitz 1942-1944: The Destruction of Jews and Gypsies from Belgium. You can read his summary of the book and research on his blog and website.

All the names in the Mecheln files have corresponding Alien Files in the Belgian Police archives.

These files contain photographs, birth certificates, marriage records and document the life of Jews in Belgium before the deportation.

Deportees from Belgium to Saint-Cyprien

Breitel (Antschl), Rohatyn 21-12-1908, Anvers (s. l.), Tournai-Ste. Livrade-Villemur, 26-08-1942, D

Druks (Paul), Rohatyn 01-08-1900, Anvers (s. l.), Ste. Livrade, s. d., D Selig, Schnurjas Rifke

Wasser (Jacob), Rohatyn 01-01-1887, Anvers (s. l.), s. l., s. d., D Salomon, Lakrist Schiendel, Ecker Chaja

Weinstock (Sachar), Rohatyn 30-08-1901, Anvers (s. l.), s. l., s. d., D Aron, Gronowetter Lea, Knittel Hilda

List of foreign Jewish refugees living in Belgium following Germany's invasion of that country on May 10, 1940 who were deported to Saint-Cyprien in the South of France. List provides name, date and place of birth, last address in Belgium and other camps to which they were sent.

These are the names of those who were born in Rohatyn on this list.

How to read this list:

1 - name

2 - surname(s)

3 - place of birth

4 - date of birth

* significantly different year of birth originating from a source other than the primary one

5 - town of last declared residence - in most cases corresponds to the place of arrest - places such as Hal, Marneffe,

Merksplas are the internment centres in Belgium wherefrom a vast number of detainees were extracted to be

deported – the address in between brackets is the last known one before being removed to the centre

6 - last declared residential address (not necessarily the last or only one)

7 - passage via transit camps in France on the way to Saint-Cyprien

8 - date of death in Auschwitz - is about the same as departure date from Drancy (deportation centre near Paris)

where the prisoners arrived from Gurs and coming from Saint-Cyprien after the camp was devastated at the end of

October 1940

9 - means that there is a personal individual file available from the archives in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

10 - liberation date from the camp of Saint-Cyprien and/or transfer to other locations or handed-over to German


escaped etc.

11 - personal family data

a) surname of the father

b) name and surname of the mother

c) name and surname of the spouse

d) number of children

Meaning of the abbreviations:

s. l sans lieu - means that the place is unknown

s. d sans date - means that the date is unknown

-, means that the name and/or surname is unknown