1915 Deportation Lists

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Title: A letter written in 1916 by Herman Bernstein, editor of The American Hebrew to Mr. Straus of the Joint Distribution Committee

Source: Joint Distribution Committee

Image Acquisition: http://search.archives.jdc.org/multimedia/Documents/NY_AR1418/00004/NY_AR1418_02412.pdf

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Dr. Benno Straucher who was mentioned in the letter

Title: A letter written in 1915 by Rubin Glucksmann in Rohatyn to Dr. Heinrich Schiffman in Vienna

Source: Judisches Archiv

Image Acquisition: https://archive.org/details/jdischesarchiv00komiuoft/page/n111/mode/2up

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Further information: Glucksmann Letter

Title: Deportees from Rohatyn

Source: Rohatyn Yizkor Book page 95. Names in caption.

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Further Information: World War One in Rohatyn

Link to document image folder for WW1 Rohatyn deportees

Spreadsheet Guide:Three sources for names of those who were deported from Rohatyn and exiled to Chembar, Penza Province, Russia during World War One by the Russian Army. These include:

Deportation List