Ahavat Israel

The following is a translation of a letter dated October 26, 1937 from the Administrator of the Rohatyn District to the Voivodship office in Stanislawow. This letter is stored on microfilm at CAHJP in Jersulem. A copy of the image was acquired by Karen and translated by Donia.

The Society of Ahavat Israel in Rohatyn was first registered on October 1, 1931.

On October 31, 1936, a general membership meeting was held and a new board was elected.

President: Dr. Leon Zlatkes

Vice President: Abraham Topf

Management: Jakub Eichel

Secretary: Herman Borak

Deputy/Alt Secretary: Meniel Lew

Treasurer: Mejer Reiss

Membership Committe:

Markus Buhn,Izrael Banner, Ire Margules, Eisig Nass, Feiwel Lachs, Chaskel Sigall, Jozef Klarnet, Dawid Hochber, Efroim Hausman