Kahal of Rohatyn

Rabbis of Rohatyn

Rabbi Eleazer Horowitz: the ABD (Av Beit Din) of Rohatyn from 1866-1912.

(Source: "The Unbroken Chain" by Dr. Neil Rosenstein)

Rabbi Avraham Dovid Spiegel and Rabbi Henne of Strezliska Nowe : Heads of the Rabbinical court in Rohatyn after Horowitz. (Source: YB)

The Pinkas Hakahal – the record notebook of the community’s governing council – formed only one part of a complex of communal pinkasim. Community administration was made up of many other bodies each of which kept their own pinkas. The gabbaim, the communal treasurers, would keep a pinkas, noting synagogue organization, particularly as it related to financial and charitable disbursements, as well as the different decisions they made to regulate their work. The judges of the Beit Din, the rabbinic court, would a keep a pinkas to record the cases they heard, and the tax assessors would keep a record of the taxes assessed for and paid by each community member. The Kahal also kept a pinkas and as the community’s supreme governing body, its pinkas might be viewed as the most important. When brought together, these various record notebooks make up what we might call “pinkasei ha-kehillah” which provide a rich and multifaceted view of the broad sweep of Jewish communal life. (Source: https://web.nli.org.il/sites/nlis/en/pinkas)