Totenverzeichnisse, 1868-1942

Day-by-day account of deaths in various Viennese hospitals.

Kopfzettel der Gemusterten, 1760-1900

Individual muster sheets for soldiers registered at Vienna, arranged alphabetically according to birth year. Includes individuals born throughout the Austrian Empire.

Sterberegister, 1648-1920

Civil register of deaths in Vienna, Austria.

Jewish Birth, Marriage, and Death Records from Vienna

The best way to find out if records exist for an individual is to email Dr. Hubert Steiner, who was and may still be the head or main contact at the archives, in English,  and simply ask him.  Give him all the information including name, address, and particularly the date of birth. (The records are filed by name and date of birth).  Dr. Hubert Steiner's email address:

Alternatively, you could contact the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien ("IKG", or the Jewish Community of Vienna) in English and ask them for assistance in finding out if a document exists and how you can obtain a copy. 

Birth-, marriage- and death records of the Jewish Community 1826 – 1938, available for public and private research.

Issuance of certificates for public and private purposes (there is a fee). Response to verbal and written inquiries, partially in cooperation with the supervisory board of the cemetery and the library of the Jewish Museum.

Birth, marriage, and death books maintained by the IKG through all the years up to WWII, and even now of Jews who lived in Vienna; but only if they were born in Vienna, or got married in Vienna, or died there. If a person came to Vienna already married and did not die there, there would be no record. Those books are at the IKG and contain dates and places of birth, parents' names, witnesses, etc. For example, I am in the birth record book for my year, but in no other book. My father is in the marriage book of the year he got married, but no other book. The IKG has a master card file (probably computerized by now), with which they can look up names quickly and determine if there might be a record for a person in a given book. The key info is date of birth. For example, in the case of a name like Schwarz there would be hundreds in the master file, and DOB would filter them out.

Archives:Mag.Wolf-Erich EcksteinTel.: 01/531 04-172Fax: 01/531 04-179e-mail:
Sabine KollerAssistant Archive and Jewish RecordsTel: +43 (1) 531 04-204E-Mail:
Web: / www.ikg-wien.atArchiv der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Wien /Archive of the Jewish Community of ViennDesider-Friedmann-Platz 1A-1010 WienÖsterreich / AustriaIsraeltische Kultusgemeinde Wien (Israelite Cult Parish, Vienna)Seitenstettengasse 41010 Wien Impressum or Kontakt for contact detailsOskar Deutsch, President of Parish-

Databases of Jews in Vienna, register free, English version

Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna

Need exact date of death and last place of living for probate records from Vienna City Archive. (Use the Totenverzeichnisse collection at FHL.  Write to the Vienna City Archive for file.

Vienna Residence Registration Cards 1904-1975

Meldezettel  Population Cards (männliche und weibliche Personen), 1850-1928

Vienna Directories

Old Vienna Address Books

WW1 photos at the Bildarchiv

The Central Jewish Cemetery of Vienna =  The Zentral Friedhof Wien  write to-

Jewish cemetery-

IKG Cemetery Database

Photographs of a few tombstones and newspaper articles from Vienna of native Rohatyners.

Austrian Newspapers Online


Post message to Austria-Czech SIG- to get records from IKG in Vienna

Join & request grave photo from their network of volunteers

Previous contact with Archiv der Republik database-

I was sent death cert of Chaim Gedalje USCIER & birth cert of son Jacques USCIER from

copy of d. cert from city of Vienna-

civil servant contact-

Mayor Michael Haeupl-

Mayor's office-

address: Lichtenfelsgasse 2,  1010 Wien

phone # 0043-1-4000-8111 & fax #- 0043-1-4000-9982010

Juedische Liberale Gemeinde Wien- Jewish Liberal Parish Vienna

Robertgasse 2,  1020 Wien

A Letter to the Stars website

Click on name to link to website with information on that person including date of birth and residences in Vienna.

Rosa Baczeles  1020 Wien, Flossgasse 6/2

Johann Norbert Censer  1190 Wien, Kreindlg. 15

Isak Dickler

Debora Dikler  1020 Wien, Grosse Sperlgasse 33

Rifka Drucks  1020 Wien, Grosse Pfarrgasse 6/14

Aron Ehrenberg  1200 Wien, Universumstr. 30

Leib Falth  1020 Wien, Obermüllnerstrasse 5/20

Frimet Goldstein  1020 Wien, Grosse Pfarrgasse 6

Felicia Hornung  1030 Wien, Adamsgasse 13/10

Abraham Kirschen  1100 Wien, Senefelderg. 53

Czarna Landtner  1020 Wien, Förstergasse 8

Viktor Lantner  1020 Wien, Rembrandtstrasse 28/10

Moses Lopater

Ida Reizenblat  1020 Wien, Miesbachgasse 10

Samuel Scheiner  1020 Wien, Rembrandtstrasse 34

Sala Wald

Wilhelm Wald

Sachar Nuchim Weinstock

University of ViennaThomas MaiselArchiv der Universität Wien1010 Wien, Postgasse 9Tel.: (+43 1) 4277 17201E-Mail:


Contact: Herbert Posch

Contact email:

Address: A-1090 Vienna, Spitalgasse 2-4, court 1

Phone: Tel +43-1/4277-41236 | Fax -9412

Mr.  Posch is very knowledgeable and responsive.  Available documents include academic records, biographical information on the student, student's father, professors, courses, and Vienna addresses while attending school.

Student records obtained:

1. Horn, Jute by Marla

2. Horn, Bronia by Marla

Memorial Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna in 1938:

A Search on Rohatyn yielded two results:

1. Golda FISCHER, born on March 28th, 1913 in Rohatyn/Poland (entitled residency ('heimatberechtigt') for Vienna/Austria, Citizenship: Austria), daughter of Joel Fischer (merchant), lived in Wien 9, Glasergasse 11/11, was enrolled finally in the spring term 1938 at the Medical School in the 3rd year of her studies.

2. Saul GOLDSCHLAG, born on March 25th, 1891 in Rohatyn/Poland wasn't enrolled at the Philosophical School any more in 1938, but was preparing for the final exams ('Rigorosen'). He registered for the final exams in History on April 1st, 1930. His dissertation 'Die Wiener führende Presse und der deutsch-französische Krieg 1870/71' was accepted on May 23rd, 1930. He passed the first 'Rigorosum' on July 1st, 1937 and the second 'Rigorosum' on July 6th, 1938. He could finally finish his studies and graduated on July 21st, 1938, but only with the discriminating ceremony of a 'Nichtarierpromotion', which included at the same time that he was banned from his profession.

Archives at the University of Vienna

A search on Rohatyn yielded 10 results:

1. Personengruppe - 1917 (a photo) link

2. Wald, Josef Mendel link

3. Koppens, Julius (document) link

4. Weidmann, Ludwig (document) link

5. Druks, Markus (document) link

6. Druks, Samuel Juda link

7. Reichmann, Sabina link

8. Reichmann, Anna link

9. Goldschlag, Saul link

10. Druks, Markus link

Jewish Vienna Records at the Austrian State Archives

Declaration of Wealth of Jews = Verzeichnis uber das Verm?gens von Juden

All Jews with a minimum worth of assets who lived in Austria after the March 1938 Anschluss were required to submit a "Verzeichnis uber das Verm?gens von Juden" (Declaration of wealth of Jews) to the Nazi authorities by a certain date (1938 or 1939). This requirement  affected ONLY the Jews that lived within what was then "Greater Germany," including newly annexed Austria. WWII began in Sept. 1939, and none of the territories outside of then Austria were included in this program to document all Jewish assets and belongings.  When te Germans attacked Russia in June 1941, things changed for the Jews of Rohatyn, as  then they came under German occupation and horrendous acts of terror followed. However, there were no "Verm?gens Verzeichniss"  documents for the Jews outside of 1938 Austria, including those in Rohatyn. Everything was just taken away from them and they were killed by the Einsatzgruppen. Most of the "Verm?gens Verzeichniss" documents, but not all, exist in the Austrian State Archives on the Nottendorfergasse in Vienna.




Erika Jakubovits

Department for Restitution Affairs

Desider-Friedmann-Platz 1

A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (1) 531 04-201

Fax: +43 (1) 531 04-219


Information and contacts regarding restitution for victims of the Holocaust in Austria can be found at the following: (direct link to the searchable list of names)

For more information about these records, links to websites are listed below:


Instructions on how to find these records

A cemetery database for names of  those buried in Vienna can be found online at:

The above information was provided by our member Herb.

Restitution Information.

Information and contacts regarding restitution for victims of the Holocaust in Austria can be found at the following: (direct link to the searchable list of names)

Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv

Austrian Victims of the Holocaust

Military Records at the Kriegsarchiv

The Vienna City Library

contact Mertens Christian

Viennese address books "Lehmann" 1923-1938 registered only flat owners and main tenants. No subtenants, young or female members of a family, or inhabitants of students houses.

7. Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv (Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna)

8.  Historical Residential Records of the City of Vienna (in German)

Vienna Emigration Questionnaire from IKG.

University of Vienna Archive.

Postgasse 9,

1010 Wien, Austria

Tel: (+43 1) 4277 17201

Fax: (+43 1) 4277 9172

Thomas Maisel:

Photographs of a few tombstones and newspaper articles from Vienna of native Rohatyners.

Austrian Newspapers Online

Austrian State Archives


Search page:

Address: Osterreiches Staatsarchiv, Nottendorfer Gasse 2, A-1030 Wien, Austria


A. Rohatyn Records at the Austrian State Archives: