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WW1 Casualty Lists contains lists of soldiers serving in the Austro-Hungarian Army who were killed, wounded or taken prisoner.  Information recorded includes first and last name, rank, regiment number, place and year of birth, and place where killed or prisoner of war.

The following sites can search the Casualty Lists

1. Genteam.at (requires free registration) - Search casualty lists in Military folder by last and first name.

2. Digital State Library of Upper Austria

    advance search Title = Verlustliste at http://digi.landesbibliothek.at/viewer/searchadvanced/

3. Austrian National Library

4. National Library of the Czech Republic

5. WW1 Casualty Lists Project and Explanation   SEARCH PAGE


1. National Library of the Czech Republic

enter keywords like surname in search box on right hand side.


1.  Documents of the International Red Cross displaying cards of prisoners of the first world war in internment camps.


Enter Surname and Choose Nationality as "Austro-Hungarian",

Then Choose Available Files as British and French Custody, Russian Custody, or Romanian custody.

2. The Archives of the Danish Red Cross

Our archives (ICRC) mainly contain information from the Western Front. The Danish Red Cross ran a separate agency for prisoners captured on the Eastern Front – first for Germans held in Russia and Russians held in Germany, and then in 1917 for Austro-Hungarian and Romanian prisoners. For this reason I recommend you to contact the following archives : Danish Archives: https://www.sa.dk/en/about-us/contact/  

The archive from Danish Red Cross, The Prisoner of War-office in Copenhagen contains a card index and lists of German POWs in Russia during WWI:

Danish Red Cross, Prisoner of War Department, Copenhagen 1914-1920 Archive Series

Alphabetical index to lists of prisoners of war (1914 - 1919)

Lists of German prisoners of war in Russia (1915 - 1915)

Danish Red Cross, Paris office 1917-1920

Card index from the POW Camp in Hald at Viborg (Jutland), that was operated by the Danish state. In the Hald camp were POWs of Germany and Austro-Hungary interned:  Statens Krigsfangelejre, Haldlejren 1917-1920

You order an archive search after information of your grandfather and scans of relevant files etc. against payment of 755 DKK/hour, which can be ordered here:  Purchase an archive search, scan or transcription

For further information about archive searches can our department of Revenue Funded Activities be contacted at mailboxIA@sa.dk or +45 41 71 72 01 

Monday-Thursday 9-15 and Friday 9-13.

Lars H. Bak

Archivist, MA in history

User Services

The Danish National Archives

Haderslevvej 45, 6200 Aabenraa

Phone: +45 33 92 33 10

mailbox@sa.dk | www.sa.dk

3National Library of Czech Republic


Records of the Jewish Military Chaplaincy contain marriage and death records of soldiers from across Galicia. Records for Galician soldiers can be found in any of the following record sets organized by chaplaincy district centers.

Lublin - Birth and Death records.  AGAD Fond 312, File number 2292 and 1146.

Vienna - Marriage records 1915-16.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2345934 item 6 (microfilmed-FHL)

Vienna - Marriage records 1917.  Kreigsarchiv (originals), FHL 2345934 item 7 (microfilmed-FHL)

Vienna - Marriage records 1917.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2345935 item 1 (microfilmed-FHL)

Vienna - Marriage records 1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2345935 item 2 (microfilmed-FHL)

Vienna - Death records 1914-1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2345935 item 3 (microfilmed-FHL)

Vienna - Birth records 1915. Kriegsarchiv (original), FHL 2345936 item 2 (microfilmed-FHL)

Krakow - Marriage records 1915 -1916.  Kriegsarchiv (originals)

Krakow - Marriage records 1917 -1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2286667 item 2 (microfilmed-GMV)

Przemysl - Death records 1914. Kriegsarchiv (originals)

Przemysl - Marraige records 1916-1918.  Przemysl State Archive Fond 1924 (scanned)

Lemberg - Death records 1914-1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2330355 (index), FHL 2330357 item 1 (microfilmed-GMV)

Brno - Death records 1915-1917.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2329319, 2329320 item 1 (microfilmed-GMV)

Brno - Birth records 1914-1916.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2329020 (microfilmed-GMV)

Brno - Marriage records 1914-1917.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2329021 (microfilmed-GMV)

Sternhal - Death records 1914-1916.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2331402 (microfilmed-GMV)

Sternhal - Death records 1916-1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2331669 item 1 (microfilmed-GMV)

Sternhal - Birth records 1914-1915. Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2331401 items2 and 3 (microfilmed-GMV)

Sternhal - Marriage records 1914-1915.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2331402 (microfilmed-GMV)

Stanislau - Death records 1914-1918.  Kriegsarchiv (originals), FHL 2343735 items 3-5 (microfilmed-GMV)


1.  Galician Military Records 1865-1930 (microfilms 2439871-2448983): https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/1713234 

Projekt Wojak Facebook Page and Wojak Search Engine

(Micro-reproduction of original manuscripts at the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in L′viv. Military records (registration cards, personnel files, medical tests) from various cities in Galizien, Austria; now in various areas of Poland (mainly Krakow province) and Ukraine (mainly L′viv, Ivano-Frankivs′k, and Ternopil′ provinces). Includes personnel files for military personnel, both officers and enlisted. About 70% of the documents show the name, birth place and year; less than 10% have the full birth date. Filed alphabetically by year. The years are not in order. There are some documents that are out of order, usually found at the end of the file. Text in German, Polish, and Ukrainian. Record group 780, series 3, files 108-962, 964.)


Stanislau District Military Records 1883-1939 (microfilms): https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/1382964 

(Micro-reproduction of original manuscripts at the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivs′k Region, Ukraine. Military records (lists of recruits) for Stanislau (Gerichtsbezirk), Galizien, Austria; later Stanisławów (powiat), Stanisławów, Poland; now Ivano-Frankivs′k, Ivano-Frankivs′k, Ukraine. Text in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. Record group 6, series 2, files 20-22, 35-45, 68-72, 107, 134-143, 206-216, 240-248, 283-290, 328-333, 359-365, 392-395, 416-419, 451-455, 484-489, 505-510, 525-533A, 546-548, 565-568, 589-592, 634-639 -- Record group 7, series 1, files 75, 140.)


With reference to your e-mail, the Vienna War Archive informs you of the following:

The actual personnel documents of k k. armed power: military land register sheets, lists of positions and assent protocols (service sheets, draft lists and enlistments registers) for the birth cohorts 1850-1900, insofar as they relate to persons who had possessed their right of domicile outside the borders of today's Republic of Austria, after the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy (1918) did not end up in the Vienna War Archives. In accordance with the peace provisions of Saint-Germain (1919), the records remained in the Successor states

where they were largely destroyed. It's true especially for the Galician (Polish/Ukrainian) personnel files.

In the Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe (Central Military Archives), ul. Czerwonych Beretów bl. 124, PL00-910 Warsaw, tel. 0048-22-6813-144, e-mail: caw@wp.mil.pl Internet:

http://www.agad.archiwa.gov.pl there are documents only from such former ones k. and k. Military personnel after the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy into the Polish

army had joined. The Vienna War Archives only keep Galician (Polish/Ukrainian) soldiers Subsidiary documents on awards and war losses of the world war 1914-1918

(reward applications and hospital memo sheets as well as files on the dead, wounded, missing and prisoners of war).


From Casualty Lists to Hospital Records by Michael Moritz

National Library of the Czech Republic

National Library of Austria

Maps of WW1 battle lines in the Gesher Galicia Map Room

Austro-Hungarian's Last War 1914-1918

The Enemy at His Pleasure: A Journey Through the Pale of Settlement During World War One by S. Ansky

Der Heldenweg des Zweier-Landstrum 1914-1918

Austrian Military Recruitment in Galicia



Jewish Soldiers in the Russian Army




Military History Museum in Poland

Polish Army Museum

World War History: Newspaper Clippings 1914-1926

"I've ordered military records from Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe, Wojskowe Biuro Historyczne, ul. Pontonierów 2A, 00-910 WARSZAWA. I had to mail the request to them, but then it was quite easy to obtain the records. There is a form to fill out, I emailed them in, and they promptly replied in Polish with the form, which I then filled out and returned via regular mail. I don't recall but I think the processing time with them was about 1 month, and the materials returned were quite useful." -Martin Wahlen 11/20/2022

List of Losses (Soldiers KIA, Soldiers WIA and also Prisoners of War) of the Austro-Hungarian Army in WWI




Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke (Notices about wounded and sick soldiers)



If you search for a soldier who lived in Bohemia or Moravia you will find more records here:


If you search for a soldier from Austria or Slovakia you will find more records here:


Prisoners of War and Civil internees in WWI of all nationalities in care of almost all forces of war (but not Russia):


The Lists of Losses often mention the place or camp in Russia were the Prisoner of War was held.

Sometimes there were printed some letters from prisoners of war in Russia in the Austrian newspapers.


Anne Buchanan: My grandfather was also imprisoned twice by the Russians during WW1 and I managed to obtain some records from The Austrian War Archives (after finding details in the Casualty Lists).  Depending on where your ancestor was from and what information you can find, it may be worth contacting the War Archives and asking for some research to be done.