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    1.  KEHILAT ROHATYN V'HASVIVA - The Rohatyn Yizkor Book (Hebrew, Yiddish and English) 

            edited by M. Amihai, David Stockfish, and Samuel Bari, and printed in Tel Aviv in 1962.

    2.  ZICHRON ZEMER (Hebrew) by Yehoshua Spiegel and printed in Israel in 1973.

    3. ODE MUTZAL by Yehoshua Spiegel.  Torah commentary from his father's writings. the introduction to the book contains a short biography of his          father Rabbi Avraham David Spiegel, and his family.  (on route)

    4. MISCHLOAH MANOT by Yehoshua Spiegel.  Torah commentary on Purim, includes a chapter called "Purim Choir in Rohatyn".

    5. RISHFEI TORAH Collection of Torah commentary edited by Yehoshua Spiegel.

    6.  DOYER IN TRERN - Memories and Poems (Yiddish) by Dr. Isaac Lewenter and printed in Israel in 1970.

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    7.  PINKAS HAKEHILLOT POLIN (Hebrew) by Yad Vashem and printed in Jerusalem in 1980.


         by Janusz S. Nowak and printed in Krakow in 2007.

    9.  MIRKEVET HAMISHNA (Hebrew) by David Moses Abraham of Rohatyn and printed in Lemberg in 1895.

    10.  STREAMING LIGHT by Chaya Rosen (available on

    11.  JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF by Rosette Faust Halpern.  (available on

    12.  SHEVA'S PROMISE by Sheve Weiler Lederman.  (available on Syracuse University Press)


          Articles written by various authors.  Available years 1927-1933 held at the Stefanyk Library in Lviv.

          Chronicle images taken by Alex Feller and found in our Rohatyn County Chronicle photo album.   

          Translation of 1933 Volume 1  by Robert Gruszczynski includes articles on 1765 Jewish census procedures and 17th century privileges of Jews.

          Includes pictures of 1849 coupons used by Moses Goldschlag and Solomon Mark.

    14.  Gazeta Lwowska.



    15.  The Evil War by Pouls G. Wemmelund  story including WW1 in Rohatyn.


    16.  Jewish Newspapers



    1.  Surveyors (French) by Renaud Lavergne published in XXI magazine in October, 2012.

    2.  Napans Revisit History in Western Ukraine written by Mitchell Glotzer in 2011.

    3.  Architectural and Spatial Development of Rohatyn (Ukrainian) written by Maxim Yaskinsky in 2011.

         English Translation of Architectural and Spatial Development of Rohatyn translated by Dina Silverman.

    4.  Influence of Modern and Post-War Buildings on the Five Facades of Rohatyn (Ukrainian) by M. Yaskinsky.

    5.  Rohatyn, Ukraine:  Jewish Headstones and Human Remains by Marla Raucher Osborn

    6.  Current Status of Jewish Heritage in Rohatyn Presentation by Marla Raucher Osborn

    7.  Reconstructing the lives of Jute and Bronia Horn, Two Rohatyn Sisters by Marla Raucher Osborn

    8.  A Teacher Returning: Bronia Horn by Marla Raucher Osborn

    9.  Shtetls: We Can't Forget You. Please Remember Us. by Steve Turner.

    10.The Remarkable Eleanora Grad: A Survivor's Story by Steve Turner.

    11.Turner? Your Name Must Have Been Changed! by Steve Turner.

    12.The Impact of Returning To The Shtetl by Jewish Heritage Europe.

    13.Traces: What Remains of a Life by Marla Osborn.

    14. The Tzar's Clothes (Hebrew) and (English). From Chabad of Israel.

    15. History Through the Cracks. by Tzvia Emmer.

    16.  by Areta Kovalska.

    17. The Galitzianer March 2018 issue about Rohatyn.

    18. The Unforgettable Jersusalem by Olga Verbiana

    19. Art of Rohatyn found after 80 years [Ukrainian] by Iryna Druzhuk


    1.  The War that Spelled the End to Galicia.  Lecture by Dr. Andrew Zalewski.  IAJGS 2014.

    2.  Jewish Genealogy.  Radio Interview of Marla Osborn and Alex Denysenko. IAJGS 2015.


    1.  Managing Immovable Jewish Heritage: A Genealogist's View by Marla Raucher Osborn

    2.  Les Arpenteurs:  Le Tourisme De La Memoire (French) by Renaud Lavergne

    3.  Interview with Eleanora Grad on 8/6/2013.  (Password: Rohatyn)

            Part 1.

            Part 2.

            Part 3.

            Part 4.

    4.  Interview with Rosette Faust Halpern.  (Password: Rosette)

            Part 1.

            Part 2.

            Part 3.

    5. Fanny Holtzmann 1934 movie

    6. Donia Gold Schwarzstein