Rohatyn Births 1912-1922

Title: Index book of Births recorded by the kahal of Rohatyn, 1912-1922

Archive: Przemyśl Archive in Poland, Fond 154/70/37

Image Acquisition: Gesher Galicia (Przemyśl Identification Project)

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Link to images of 1912-1922 Birth Index (requires Gesher Galicia membership)

Link to images of 1914 Jan-Aug Birth Records

Link to images of 1922 Birth Records

Notes about Index: Some listings missing from the birth index are assumed to be unnamed stillbirths.  Some listings have the same page and record number for two or three different names. These might represent errors in transcription and actual page and record numbers may account for missing listings.  Listings for births for 1914 January - August and for 1922 were cross-referenced with available birth records that are held in the AGAD archive.  Full Rohatyn birth records for 1912-1922 are still considered private under Polish law and are kept in the USC archive in Warsaw until 2023 when they will be transferred to AGAD for scanning and become publicly available.

Rohatyn BI1912-1922 ‎(PRZ154/70/37)‎