1912 Town Council

Archive: Central State Archive of Ukraine in Lviv 

Image Acquisition: Jay Osborn and Alex Denysenko

Indexing: Chaya Rosen

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Spreadsheet Guide: List of people who attended a Rohatyn town council meeting on February 22, 1912. The cover page to this list is titled "Invitation" with a description of the agenda of the meeting (See below).  Names of attendees are typewritten followed by the member's signature. 


Translation using Google Translate:

Invitation for the meeting of the municipal council, which will be held on February 22 this year. in the municipal office at 6 p.m.

1. The issue of locating the cemetery in Babince L. gm. 3783/11.  Ref. Wny Maczek

2. The case of appointment of a municipal police inspector. Ref. Wny Czechowicz

3. Rescript C.K. District School Council on the language of instruction to L:37 Ref WNY Czechowicz

4. The case of construction of sewage and curbs at the state road to L.653

5. Giving an opinion on Suchar Ber Brzezaner's request for a licensed innkeeper for the sale of distilled drinks and beer under L.k.l. in Babince.