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The Rynek of Rohatyn

A diagram of the town's rynek (marketplace) as recollected by Jack Glotzer and Herman Skolnik in 1999 at the request and initiation of Donia Schwarztein, and redrawn by Alexander Walzer, Jack's brother in law. A special thanks to Howard Steinmetz for sharing this diagram with the group. However, one should ignore the compass at the upper left showing North directed toward the top of the page. According to how this diagram is laid out, North should point almost toward the left egde of the page or about 65 degrees counterclockwise.

A postcard of the Rynek in Rohatyn during World War One c1916.

Notice the Catholic Church at the right. One is looking as if facing the buildings noted at the top edge of the diagram.

The color photographs below were taken by Marla Raucher Osborn during her trip to Rohatyn in 2008 and are being used with her gracious permission to correlate the stores in the diagram above with the actual buildings as they currently stand in Rohatyn. There is some guesswork as to which buildings match up to the stores listed in the diagram. If the match seems incorrect, please let me(Alex) know.

East Edge of the Rynek:

0. Unknown Building

1. Zlatkes

2. Kerchner-Kleinwaks Wholesale Grocery

3. Gymnasium and 4. Horn's Saloon

5. Catholic Church (in 1936 and current)

6. Dollar Saloon (Szynk) and Residence of Jonas Horn family. William Halpern lived on top floor. Home up the street of Dovid and Bronia Hornstein Horn (Anna Yenenga commissioned this painting by a resident artist of Rohatyn and brought it from Rohatyn to the United States as a gift to Jacob Hornstein; permission granted by Harriet Korim to post this image.)

South Edge of Rynek:

Rynek 1:

Podhorcer Textile

Rynek 2:

Rothenberg Textile

Rynek 3:

Sharer Textile

Rynek 4:

Landau Saloon

Rynek 5:

Kizel Eggs

Rynek 6:

Holder Saloon

Rynek 7:

Brick Textile

7. Rynek 1: Pochorcer Textile (Sklep Blawatny)

8. Rynek 2: Rothenberg Textile (Sklep Blawatny)

9. Rynek 3: Sharer Textile (Sklep Blawatny)

10. Landau Saloon : Rynek 4

11. Kizel Eggs (wholesale) : Rynek 5

12. Holder Saloon (szynk) : Rynek 6

13. Brick Textile (sklep blawatny) : Rynek 7

14. Rosenstein Newspaper Booth (kjosek)

An example of a Kiosk in Rohatyn

West Edge of Rynek:

Rynek 9:

Mayer Glotzer Butcher Store

Rynek 10:

Rosenkranz Textile

Rynek 11:

Braunstein Kitchen Supply Store

Rynek 12:


Rynek 13:



Rynek 14:

Fisher Shoe Store

Rynek 15:

Gutstein Haberdashery

Rynek 16:

Szyse Glotzer Butcher Store

Rynek 17:

Winter Clothing Store,

Topf and Fruchter Saloon

Rynek 18:

Horn Bakery

Max and Miriam Faust lived on top floor from 1931-4

Building owned by Amalja Horn. Restaurant operated by Munio Halpern and Zygmunt Topf

15. Mayer Glotzer Butcher Store : Rynek 9

16. Rosenkranz Textile : Rynek 10

17. Braunstein Kitchen Supply Store : Rynek 11

18. Schaps? : Rynek 12

19. Kerchner Grocery : Rynek 13

20. Fischer Shoe Store : Rynek 14

21. Gutstein Haberdashery : Rynek 15

22. Szyse Glotzer Butcher Store : Rynek 16

Max and Miriam Faust rented upstairs apartment between 1930-1933.

23. Winter Clothing Store and 24. Halpern and Topf Saloon

25. Fruchter Saloon : Rynek 17

26. Horn Bakery : Rynek 18

Ukrainian Church

North Edge of the Rynek:

Polish Constitution Day celebrations in 1938

Image courtesy of Marla Raucher Osborn; photo from Paulina, current Rohatyn citizen.

The red and white stripes on the door frames indicated that the store carried cigarettes, matches, and sugar, consumer goods regulated by a state monopoly.

(Source: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/media_ph.php?ModuleId=0&MediaId=3995 from Marla)

Rynek 20:

Bromberg Handyman

Rynek 21:

Bonen Plumbing Store

Rynek 22:

Kleinwaks Grocery

Rynek 23:

Rosenberg Restaurant and H. Reiss Hardware

Rynek 24:

Fiol Barber

Rynek 25:

Mark Drugstore

Fanny Holtzmann image matches Rynek 21-23 Fanny Holtzmann image matches Rynek 24-25.

Rynek 26:

Kreisler Tobacco and Book Store

Rynek 27:

Grad Textile

Rynek 28:

Lipszyc Gasoline and Oil, and Kirszen Saloon

Rynek 29:

Silver Candy Store and Price Shoe Store

Rynek 30:


27. Bromberg Handyman : Rynek 20

28. Bonen Plumbing Store : Rynek 21

29. Kleinwaks Grocery : Rynek 22

30. Rosenberg Restaurant and 31. H. Reiss Hardware : Rynek 23

32. Fiol Barber : Rynek 24

33. Mark Drugstore : Rynek 25

34. Kreisler Tobacco Store and 35. Kreisler Bookstore : Rynek 26

36. Grad Textile : Rynek 27

37. Lipszyc Gasoline and Oil and 38. Kirszen Saloon : Rynek 28

39. Silver Candy Store and 40. Price Shoe Store : Rynek 29

New? : Rynek 30