Buildings and Homes


    1. Former Great Synagogue, currently empty lot.

    2. Former Beit Hamidrash, currently disused.

    3. Former Synagogue, currently a school.

    4. Former Judenrat, currently a school

    5. Former Bath House

    6. Former Red School (Polish Elementary School)

    7. Former School #2, no longer exists.

    8. Former Gymnazium, currently Vladimir the Great Gymnazium.

  1. Ukrainian Gymnazium

    1. Former Maccabees Jewish Sports Center, currently "Courage" Entertainment Center

    2. Sokol

    3. Power Station

  2. Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas

    1. Orthodox Church of St. Mary

    2. Church of Holy Spirit

    3. Church of St. Nicholas (Babince)

    4. Church of St. George

    5. Former Klastor (Monastary Hospital), currently in ruins.

    6. City Library

    7. Regional Library

    8. City Museum


    1. Former home of David Faust and family, previously home of Joseph Loew and family.

    2. Former home of Schecter family.

    3. Former home of Wind family.

    4. Former home of Glotzer family.

    5. Former home of Lewenter family,

    6. Former homes of the Horn family

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