Bursztyn Births 1912-1929

Title: Index book of births recorded by the kahal of Bursztyn, 1898-1929

Archive: Polish Archive in Przemyśl, Fond 154/70/80

Image Acquisition: Gesher Galicia (Przemyśl Identification Project)

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Link to document image folder for Bursztyn Birth Index (Fond 154/70/80) - requires membership to Gesher Galicia

Notes on Book:  This index book is arranged chronologically and grouped alphabetically by the first letter of the first name.  The columns on each page are first and last name, year of birth, page number containing the record in the full book, record number of birth in the full book. Surnames may be of the father or the mother, and in some cases, both are recorded.  The first page which contains births with first names starting with the letter A from 1898-1903 is damaged.  About 30 names are missing due to the missing part of that page.   

Notes on Indexing: This spreadsheet contains Bursztyn births from 1912-1929 although the whole index book contains births from 1898-1929.  Since full Bursztyn birth records 1877-1912 exist and were indexed by JRI-Poland, I did not include them in this spreadsheet. To search Bursztyn births 1877-1912, go to the website of JRI-Poland.  Full birth records for 1915-1941 are held in the USC archive and will be released to the public after the privacy period. However, a duplicate book of full birth records for Burszytn for the year 1923 does exist and is publically available (see Bursztyn Birth 1923).  Records labelled 'missing' were not included in the index book and are assumed to be births where no name was recorded due to a stillbirth.   The spreadsheet is sorted by Surname and Record Number (see tabs at bottom of spreadsheet).  The 'original' tab shows the order in which the book is presented. If you feel a name is mistranscribed in the spreadsheet compared to the actual document, please let me know (rohatynshtetl@gmail.com).

Bursztyn BI1912-1929 ‎(PRZ154/70/80)‎