Jewish Leaders

Scholars of Rohatyn:

1. R' Moses Ben Daniel

- published "Sugyot ha-Talmud" (Questions from the Talmud) in Zolkeiv in 1693, and in Germany in 1707. [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

2. Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein - founder of Stratyner Hassidism relocated to Rohatyn. [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

Rabbis of Rohatyn: [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

1. Rabbi Avraham Leibers - early 1700s [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

2. Rabbi David Moshe Avraham (Rabbi ADAM) - mid 1700s [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

- published "Mirkevet Hamishne" (The Second Chariot) in 1892 [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

- wrote "Tiferet Adam" (Man's Beauty) [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

- fought against the Frankists [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

3. Rabbi Avraham Shlomo - mid 1700s [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

4. Rabbi Itzhak Ben Aharon - mid 1700s [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

5. Rabbi Eliezar Horowitz - 1866-1868 [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

6. Rabbi Meir Yehuda Glass - 1870-1894 [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

7. Rabbi Natan Lewin - 1896-1905 [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

8. Rabbi Meir Shmuel Henna of Strzeliska - 1905-? [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

- Rabbinical judge of Rohatyn [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

9. Rabbi Avraham David Spiegel of Rohatyn - 1908-1942 (b. 5/5/1886 Ruda to Izaak and Rachel Liebreich) [Source: IF2.1.2086p130]

- Rabbinical judge of Rohatyn [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

10. Rabbi Mordechai/Markus Lipa Teumin/Thumin 1932- (b. 8/3/1906 Olesko to Izak Berl and Gitl Hecht) [Source: IF2.1.2086p101]

Rabbis of Bursztyn:

1. Abraham Chaim Landau (b. 4/1/1890 Bursztyn to Moses David and Sara) [Source: IF2.1.2086p100]

2. Hersch Landau 1932- (b. 10/3/1900 Bursztyn to Moses David and Sara) [Source: IF2.1.2086p101]

3. Joel Gunsberg 1908- (b. 5/22/1880 Wojnilow to Jakub and Golda) [Source: IF2.1.2086p105b]

Rabbi of Potok Zloty:

1. Feiwel Lipe 1927-1931 (b. 11/16/1903 Bukaczowce to Leib and Cirl) [Source: IF2.1.2086p100]

Rabbis of Knihynicze:

1. Dayan Dov Berl Kimmel HaLevi (8/18/1856 - 10/5/1933 Knihynicze, husband of Chaya Schmerling) [Source: Andrea Tzadik)

1. Moses Langer 1927- (b. 5/9/1895 Knihynicze to Abraham and Tauba Rachel) [Source: IF2.1.2086p101,130]

2. Dayan Hendel Kimmel 1935- (b. 4/18/1909 Knihynicze to Samuel Zvarberg and Henia Kimmel, husband of Perl Schendelheim) [Source:IF2.1.2086p101]

Rabbi of Bolszowce:

1. Szulim Kanner 1911- (b. 12/8/ 1877 Uhnow to Jozef and Sara Jenty Beer) [Source: IF2.1.2086p130]

Rabbi of Bukaczowce:

1. Hersch Schwarz 1935- (b. 1/22/1901 Podwoloczyska to Pinkas and Miriam) [Source: IF2.1.2086p130]

Heads of Jewish Community:

1. Benjamin Wunderlich - mid 1800s [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

2. Alter Weidmann - 1904-1910, built synagogue [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

Zionist Leaders:

1. Shalom Melzer - founded Zionist movement in Rohatyn in 1890s, attended Ha Mizrachi conference in Pressburg in 1904 [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

2. Dr. Pinchas Stern - headed Zionist community from 1910 - 1930, synagogue rebuilt and new cemetery. [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

Town Leaders:

1. Dr. Goldschlag - 1927, vice mayor of Rohatyn. [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

Judenrat: [Source: Pinkas of Rohatyn]

1. Shlomo Amarant - head

2. Shlomo Kreisler

3. Chaim Shkolnik

4. Lipa Mandel

5. Pinchas Spiegel

6. Yonah Horn

7. Dr. Goldschlag

8. Dr. Freiwald

9. Dr. Rosenstein

10. Dr. Gotwort

11. Feivel Hochberg

12. M. Katz

13. M. Weissbrum - head of Jewish police


[1] Pinkas for Rohatyn.


1. Wolf Kramarov: My great-uncle Wolf Kramarov (later known as Ze'ev Carmi) arrived in Rohatyn 1906-7 to teach Hebrew at a school run by Raphael Soferman. Wolf also acted as secretary of the Stanislawow Hebrew Teachers Union founded by Soferman. I'm looking for any photographs of that era of Soferman, the school or anything else connected to the union. The Rogatyn Yizkor book on JewishGen mentions a number of photographs, but none are attached. - David Scriven.

2. Raphael Soferman

3. Mathilda Soferman