Rohatyn District Towns

Rohatyn District Towns

In 1773 in the year after the first partition, Galicia was subdivided into 6 administrative circles called Kreis.  These included Belz, Halych, Lwow, Sambor, Wieliczka, and PIlzno.

In 1784, the 6 larger administrative circles were replaced by 18 smaller administrative circles including Stanislawow and Stryj.

In 1787 and 1814, administrative circles were reshuffled.

In 1867, new administration divisions known as Districts were introduced called Kreisdistrikten.

In 1869, 1880, 1886, 1890, and 1900, census were taken of towns by administrative district.

The spreadsheet above contains a list of towns in the administrative district of Rohatyn according to the 1900 Austrian Census.  The Rohatyn administrative district was further divided into the judicial districts of Rohatyn and Burzstyn.  Jewish Community Centers or Kehilas were located in certain towns in the Rohatyn District including Rohatyn, Burzstyn, Boloczowce, and Bukaczowce.  The Kehilas in these towns were responsible for the administrative duties of neighboring towns such as the recording of Jewish births, marriages, and deaths.  The Kehila associated with each town is provided in the list.