Bursztyn Births 1923

Title: Book of births, marriages, and deaths recorded by the kahal of Bursztyn, 1923.

Archive: AGAD, Warsaw Poland; Fond 300/0/112

Image Acquisition: Polish State Archive

Indexing: Phyllis Kramer z"l (births only)

Link to images of Bursztyn BMD 1923 (AGAD300/0/112)

Notes on Spreadsheet:  Phyllis shared her work on indexing these records with me during the IAJGS meeting in 2019.  She presented them on a Word document which was difficult to interpret.  I converted it to a spreadsheet format and then separated her data into different columns.  Phyllis only indexed the births in this set of records. She did her best to include almost every detail in the records but there were a few records she forgot to add and I made a space for them.  I have not reviewed her work for accuracy so be sure to refer to actual images.  

Bursztyn B1923 ‎(AGAD300/112)‎