1. Rohatyn Jewish Heritage

2. Opillya Museum in Rohatyn

The museum's contact info is here:

The museum needs to document all donations with a paper record including your signature. My suggestion is to send an email to the museum ( and tell them what you have to donate (a short title, a longer description, and an image). Olha can then send you their form, which you can print and sign, to include with the package you send. Olha understands English fairly well, and can Google Translate text, but it might help if you translate your text and send both English and Ukrainian; that way you can check the Ukrainian (run it back through Google to English).

So you would send your package to:

Rohatyn Museum "Opillya"

Attention: Museum Director Olha Blaha

vul. Halytska 52L

Rohatyn 77001 Ukraine

In Ukraine, mailing addresses are listed in reverse order; if you want to make the address more intelligible when it arrives in Ukraine, you could instead write:


Івано-Франківська обл., Рогатинський р-н,

м. Рогатин, вул Галицька, 52Л

Директор музею Ольга Блага


But the UkrPoshta is used to handling clearly-printed Latin-character addresses; we get plenty of letters and packages addressed that way.

Shipments from the US to Ukraine typically take many weeks (eight is common), and not everything arrives (we've had good success, but not all our friends here have). If you want to remove some uncertainty, you could ship the item to our US address, we'll get it in April and can take it to the museum in mid-May. We did that with quite a few of the "Jewish" items the museum has now. In that case we just act as transport; you are still listed as the object donor. If you prefer to use us as transport, it's still a good idea to send an email to Olha to tell her what you intend to do, and to sign the form and include it, etc.

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