Knihynicze: Landsmanshaften

Knihynicze: Records and Data

Knihynicze Cadastral Map 1876:

This working copy was made from an earlier lithograph, rather savagely quartered for carrying in the field, and then marked by hand for a new edition to follow; the manuscript updates include a wealth of property numbers and many landowner names, making this a uniquely valuable record of the Austrian Empire's tax record process.Situated at the edge of the large town reservoir, the center of Knihynicze shows a large church, several numbered Jewish community buildings (revealed in the associated landowner records), Jewish and Catholic cemeteries, and many features for managing the water inlets to and outlets from the reservoir. For this composite image, Jay Osborn, has left the rough-cut edges of map sheets unblended. (Source: Jay Osborn, GG Map Room)