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Title: Lwów/Lviv University: Applications to Study Medicine and Pharmacy (1939)

Archive: Lviv University Archive, Fond 119, File 1

Indexing: Gesher Galicia (The Galician Medical Student/Doctors Project)

All Galicia Database accessed on September 1, 2021


Students of Prague Universities 1882-1945 from the Archive of Charles University


  1. Memorial Book for the victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna 1938

  2. Vienna University School of World Trade (Hochschule für Welthandel)- Jewish Students from Galicia and Bukovina (1919-1938)

Archive: Vienna University of Economics and Business

Indexing: Gesher Galicia, accessible on the All Galicia Database

  1. Medical Doctors from Vienna indexed on GenTeam This database was produced entirely by Mr. Horst Dolezal.