Bursztyn Deaths 1931-1942

Title: Index book of deaths recorded by the Kahal of Bursztyn, 1931-1942

Archive: Polish State Archive of Przemysl; Fond 154/70/427

Image Acquisition:  Gesher Galicia (Przemysl Identification Project)

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Link to images of Bursztyn Deaths 1931-1942 (Gesher Galicia membership required)

Link ot images of tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery in Bursztyn

Notes on document: Entries arranged chronologically and grouped alphabetically by first letter of surname.  Entries include surname, given name, year, page number (after 1938), and record number.    Full death records for years 1926-1942 are held in the USC archive in Warsaw and are not publically available except for a book of deaths for 1935 held in AGAD.  See Bursztyn BMD 1935.

Notes on spreadsheet: Data resorted by surname and record number (see tabs at bottom).

Bursztyn D1931-1942 ‎(PRZ154/70/427)‎