1375 - 1569 Kingdom of Poland

1375 First documentation of the town of Rohatyn. (1)

1372-1378: First settlement in area of Rohatyn during reign of Prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk of Red Russia mentioned.(5)

late 1300s St. Maria Church founded off the rynek as Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos (2)

1415: Settlement destroyed and rebuilt over town named Filipowice by Woloczko Przsluzyc, landlord of Red Russia.(5)

1432: King Wladyslaw Jagiello confiscates Rohatyn county after prosecution of Iwaszko, Woloczko's son, for betrayal.(5)

1433, June 24: Rohatyn county acquired by Chodecki de Powala.(5)

1463 First documentation of Jews in Rohatyn. Shimson of Zydoczow traded cattle in Rohatyn market. (1)

1509: Rohatyn burned by Moldavian Prince Bohdan.(5)

1535, Jan 31. Rohatyn receives Magdeburg rights by King Sigismund I. (1,4)

1564 First documentation of Jewish settlement in Rohatyn. (1)


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