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A listing of all records related to Rohatyn in all branches of the Polish State Archives is attached below under 'Attachments' labelled as "PSA Records All".



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Contact Information:

Central Archives of Historical Records

Head of Archives - Hubert Wajs PhD

Długa 7 Street, PL 00-263 Warszawa

phone (+ 48)(22) 831-54-91

fax. (+ 48)(22) 831-16-08

e-mail: sekretariat@agad.gov.pl 

Records for Rohatyn found in fond 300 at AGAD:

Copies of records from the Archive may be ordered through Alex Feller by providing information about the listing given on the JRI-Poland website http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/jriplweb.htm

1. Birth Records: 1859 - 1881 (indexed and found on JRI-Poland website)

                          1884 (according to RTR foundation, not located) 

                          1889 (index only on JRI-Poland)

                          1898 - 1911 (awaiting indexing by JRI-Poland)

                          1914, 1922, 1934, 1938 - 1939 (not accessible to general public due to 100 year privacy rule)

2. Death Records:1877 - 1886 (indexed and found on JRI-Poland website)

                           1887 - 1898 index only (indexed and found on JRI-Poland website)

                           1914, 1938 - 1939 (not accessible to general public due to 100 year privacy rule)

3. Marriage Records: 1923, 1925, 1927, 1935, 1938 - 1939 (not accessible to general public due to 100 year privacy rule)

4. District and Court Records

5. Austrian Ministry Files

Some years ago, Gesher Galicia indexed selected files of ministry

records kept by the Austrian government in the late 19th and early

20th centuries. While not specifically focused on the Jewish

population, some of these files contain detailed information on people

who in many cases were Jewish - with a high proportion, for instance,

of innkeepers, lawyers and individuals from certain other occupations.

These Austrian Ministries files are now held at AGAD in Warsaw.

The Austrian ministries records at AGAD are stored in Fonds 304-311.

Among these, Gesher Galicia indexed various files from the following


- Fond 305 Ministry of Justice, 1851-1920,

- Fond 307 Ministry of Interior, 1848-1918,

- Fond 308 Ministry of Trade and Industry, 1878-1918.

A fuller description of these records can be found at:


None of the Austrian ministry files at AGAD, from any of the fonds, has

ever been microfilmed or systematically digitized.

Due to the demand, Gesher Galicia is now setting up an arrangement

to order scans of Austrian Ministries records - from those records that

have already been indexed. This arrangement is for currently paid

Gesher Galicia members only. It will be launched on August 1, 2018.

**How will it work?**

All the record sets - all of them of loose material - that Gesher Galicia

indexed have been paginated and so individual files in them can easily

be located. Most of the other Austrian Ministries files (those not

indexed by Gesher Galicia) have not been paginated.

At the bottom of a search result on the All Galicia Database

(https://search.geshergalicia.org/ ), there is a note giving the fond

number, the file number and the page number in the particular file. To

take an example, in this case, for a person named Jakob Romaszkan,

from Horodenka, for the year 1904, the note in the search result


"This record comes from the Austrian Ministry of Interior - Industrial

Plants and Factories (1903-1910) database, Fond 307, File number 158,

pages 40-42. The original records are held in AGAD ... "

If you wanted to order copies of this record (which contains three

pages - nos. 40-42), you should send your request to:

<info@geshergalicia.org>, with the subject line reading something

like: "Order of Austrian Ministries records".

You should also quote:

- the fond number (in this case 307),

- the file number (in this case 158), and

- the page number or numbers (in this case 40-42).

It would be helpful too to mention the name of the main person in the

record, in this case "Jakob Romaszkan".

**What happens then?**

Gesher Galicia will place the orders with AGAD for those files

requested, at regular intervals, through our representative in Warsaw.

When the records are scanned, we will let you know, with the amount

to be paid. The cost for scanning will be 3 zloty per page scanned

(about 0.80 USD, 0.69 EUR, or 0.60 GBP, per page, at current

exchange rates), with some records having several pages - as in the

example quoted above. Gesher Galicia will also add a service charge,

of 8 USD for up to 10 pages, and a further 5 USD for every further set

of 10 pages (or part thereof).

You can then pay Gesher Galicia for the charge, by PayPal or - in the

case of members living in the United States - by check payable on a

US bank, and we will send you the digital images.


Records at USC are not accessible to the general public due to the 100 year privacy rule.

However, you may be able to obtain a specific record if you know the exact date and location of the event. You will also need to prove you are a descendant by showing a birth or marriage certificate. There is a cost that would need to be wired to the archive bank. Alternatively, a researcher may be able to go into the archives and retrieve the information for personal use only.

Records at USC are transferred to AGAD when the last document in a record group is more than 100 years old.

Main Website Page:  http://www.um.warszawa.pl/zalatw-sprawe-w-urzedzie/sprawy-urzedowe/48


USC Branch Offices: http://www.usc.pl/zasieg

Contact Information: Urzad Stanu Cywilnego m. st. Warszawa

                              Wydzial Archiwum

                              ul. Smyczkowa 14

                              02-678 Warszawa , Poland

                              Phone: (+48) 22 852 10 56

                              Fax: (+48) 22 852 10 59

                              E-mail: urzad@um.warszawa.pl

All records for Rohatyn located in fond 1039:

1. Birth Records: 1906-1922, 1931-1939, 1941-2

2. Death Records: 1899-1942

3. Marriage Records: 1908-1912, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1935, 1938-1939


Main Website Page: https://www.jhi.pl/en

Contact Information: Anna Przybyszewska Drozd (Head of Genealogy Department)

                                The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

                                Jewish Genealogy & Family Heritage Center

                                Warsaw, Poland  

                                Email: familyheritage@jhi.pl

                                Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenealogyPoland

                                telephone:  (+48-22) 828-5962

Records for Rohatyn:

Polish Aliyah Passports to Palestine: 1929-1939 Indexed by JRI-Poland http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/jriplweb.htm


Department 1:  

Old Polish records of cities, villages, districts, family archives and other collections

Contact Information:   Wawel Castle

                                31-001 Krakow

                                Tel: 12 422 23 24

Department 2:

Records of general and special state administration,court records and civil records from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Contact Information:   ul. Grodzka 52

                                31-044 Krakow

                                Tel 12 422 19 75

Department 3:

Records of the City of Kraków, local government, religious denominations, schools and social organizations, civil records, records of cities and villages.

Contact Information:   ul. Sienna 16

                                30-960 Krakow

                                Tel: 12 422 40 94

Department 5:

Cartographic materials and technical documentation.

Contact Information:   ul. Lubicz 25 

                                B31-503 Kraków

                                Tel: (+48) (12) 421 42 19

A letter from the archives states the available records and documents in their holdings related to Rohatyn and is attached below under 'Attachments' labelled as WawelArchiveKrakow.




Fundacja Czartoryskich (MUSEUM)


31-017 Kraków, ul. Św. Jana 19

tel. centrala: 012/422 55 66

tel. centrala: 012/421 28 34

tel./fax: 012/422 61 37e-mail: biuro@fundacja-czartoryskich.krakow.pl

Biblioteka Książąt Czartoryskich (LIBRARY)


31-018 Kraków, ul. św. Marka 17

tel. /48 12/ 422 11 72, /48 12/ 422 40 79

fax /48 12/292 64 94

e-mail: druki@muzeum.krakow.pl



Website: http://www.bj.uj.edu.pl ; English version http://www.uj.edu.pl/index.en.html

Library contact: Marcin Baster 

Contact Email:  marcin.baster@uj.edu.pl

Archive contatct: archiwum@uj.edu.pl

Archiwum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

al. Mickiewicza 22, Kraków 31-059

tel. (12) 663-35-39, (12)663-35-35


The archives does not allow you to shoot your own digital photos or make scans.  They do it for you at approx $2.40 per page.  Time is required for them to fulfill any copy order.  The archives can send your copies to you digitally or by ftp or email. There are many, many forms to fill out in the process:  to order the records, see the records, copy the records. And payment is by cash in person or bank transfer remotely.

Marcin is a very knowledgeable, soft-spoken, enthusiastic, young archivist.  His English is quite good.  I have attached a photo of the two of us examining some of the above wonderful "finds".  Marcin is happy to take enquiries, although in some cases, the tasks may be delegated to other archivists.

Using one of the several index books at the archives covering Jewish students at Jagiellonia during the inter-War period, and then manually scanning the pages for any "Rohatyn" entry, Marla found the following surnames, together with class years. This list is NOT complete - again, we were scanning only for "Rohatyn" entries.  And, for unexplained reasons, some Rohatyners - like my Julia HORN - did NOT have "Rohatyn" listed, so she would have been missed had I not already known of her Jagiellonia attendance.  Additionally, to the extent that your family originates in one of the many other towns near and around Rohatyn, we did not jot these down, but I can tell you that they are there, too.

Access to the UJ library archive is exactly as for the Stefanyk, but less severe: we had to fill out a form stating some info about us, who we worked for, and the purpose of our research; we had to sign out every document, but did not get proof we had signed it back in (I think the archivists are responsible); we were allowed to touch the documents but only after our parts had been removed from the larger binder; we were not allowed to photograph or scan anything ourselves, but we could write down anything we wanted. I believe our access was simplified because the archivist led us in, thanks to prior email

contact with Marla. 

The archivist used several resources, some of which are available to the public through the archive itself. We've mentioned the interwar Jewish student  statistics book; that book the archive bought and used to simplify name & date searches in their own records; it's not a book they sell. The archive has is producing a set of indexes for their records of the student body; to date they have published two volumes, covering only the years up to the end of WWI and only for the first half of the alphabet; the archivist told us the third volume (covering thru S for the same period) is due out soon. And he said the project

to index the interwar years has been approved, so he guesses those books should be published within the next 10 years; he smiled when he

said that. :^) Then there is a card catalog, but behind the manager's desk so not really accessible; he rarely used that during our time there. They also have some indexes on computer; he spent quite a bit of time searching at his desk, screen not visible to us. And then I'd say half the time, one record led to another, because to some extent the records are cross-indexed in different sorting lists; we saw a 4-digit number hand-written at the top of one of Bronia's records which then also appeared in a column of another record; might be a kind of student ID number. 

Yes it helps a lot to know the years of study, but you can get to that from the name; if you know the general era it can simplify the initial search. The info is not arranged by birth town, but birth town is in some of the records. We found the Rohatyn names by visually scanning an alphabetical Jewish student names list which included town names (the book M sent you the cover from), so in that case the book's author had done the sorting for us. I suppose he had access to the archives computer files, and so it may be possible to ask the archive to do a similar search for us ("all students with Rohatyn as birth

town"), though I think we probably found most of them in the book yesterday. 

It's clear that the division of university departments both helped and hurt the searches yesterday. The archivist Marla had contacted was very fluent with the 'philosophy' department (I think we might say humanities), both the sub-specialties and the organization of the records. He struggled some with the subjects your Jacob studied, trying to work out what was his 'major', and then where to look to find records; the presence of the ID/class card was a fluke, but those

are apparently well known and easy to search. When he wanted to get regular academic records for Jacob, he had to go to another room and hunt around. Jute's years in the medical department were even more difficult for him; he probably spent two hours sleuthing that alone, though he clearly understood the names of subjects and exams she took, there's something about the medical schooling, recording, and licensing process which is/was different and therefore less clear to him. There are a lot of people working at the archives and we only saw a handful; it may be that different departments each have their

own records, and we happened to get a guy who was most familiar with the philosophy department, so he went to talk with his colleagues when he disappeared looking for other things. 

There's more about the student body records here: http://www.archiwum.uj.edu.pl/projekty-auj/corpus-studiosorum

We can try to get a picture of the thru-WWI index books currently available when we go back tomorrow. We did not use those books ourselves but I recognize some in the RSRG might.

Copy charges are 7 zloty per page for manuscript pages (whether loose or bound), something less for pages of printed books (maybe 1 zloty; we'll know tomorrow). Almost everything we're interested in is handwritten or typed, so 7 zloty/page, i.e. about $2.25 per page now. Both items for Jacob amount to very few pages (I counted them for the request form but don't have that info here), so the cost is trivial. What added up for us was the many pages for Bronia Horn (including her 53-page master's thesis!). But one item each for the Horn sisters is priceless: they had to include a CV of their educational background in

their application to the school, so in their own hand M now has a full summary of their schooling prior to UJ. Plus of course their UJ class and exam records...

BORNSTEIN, Iser  1926-27

DAMM, Jakub  1925-26

DAMMOWNA, Amalia  1922-23

DANUN, Jakub  1925-26

EPSTEIN, Emestyna  1917-18

FAUST, Jakub  1925-26 ACQUIRED by Alex

GOLDWERTH, Mechel Minisch 1925-26

GOTTWORT, Aron  1923-24

GOTTWORT, Chaim Hersch  1925-26

HOCHBERG, Izydor  1927-28

HORN, Jute 1924-28  ACQUIRED by Marla

HORNOWNA, Bronislawa 1929-30  ACQUIRED by Marla

LEWENTER, Marek Hirsch  1929-30

MAURER, Abraham Pinkas  1928-29  ACQUIRED by Ruthy

MONDSCHEIN, Ludwik 1929-30

PASWCZANKA Amalia 1925-26

PATER, Herman Leon  1922-23

SCHWARZOWNA, Felicja  1928-29

STEINOWNA, Malwina  1926-27

STEINOWNA, Sala  1928-29

SZKOLNIK, Juda  1925-26

TENNENBAUM, Janetta  1926-27

WAGSCHALLOWNA, Sala  1929-30


WEINGARTEN, Sonka  1931-32

WEINGARTEN, Feivel  1925-26

WEINLOSOWNA Sala  1928-29

Guide to archival information of the Jagiellonian University: http://www.archiwum.uj.edu.pl/documents/1445705/2350539/WF+II.pdf?version=1.0 


Main website Page: http://www.en.galiciajewishmuseum.org/

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Website: http://www.przemysl.ap.gov.pl/en.html

Email: archiwum@przemysl.ap.gov.pl

Address: 37-700 Przemysl, Lelewela 4 street

Phone: (016) 670-35-38, 016 670-76-34,

According to Alex Denisenko's findings, the following are Rohatyn records in the Polish State Archive in Prszemysl.

1. Birth Records: 1859-1875, 1886-1890 Found in Zbior (Collection) 154

2. Marriage Records: 1935-1937 Found in Zbior (Collection) 154




The friendly, English-speaking archivist at Sienna 16 assured Marla that email inquiries are accepted, so Marla encourages you to write if you know of Rohatyn family in Krakow before WWII (although it appears that they may also have records post-1939 as well).   Photo of Cracow Archive by Marla Osborn.


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ul. Warecka 4/6, 00-040 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 47 10 383

Fax +48 22 832 20 43

Virtual Shtetl Project  http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en// For Rohatyn http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/city/rohatyn/

13 Mazowiecka St., 00-090 Warsaw

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e-mail: sztetl@jewishmuseum.org.pl

Project Coordinator: Krzysztof Bielawski kbielawski@jewishmuseum.org.pl

Content Editor: Martyna Sypniewska



Central Military Archives in Remebertów have a very diverse and interesting collection of documents. Among them, you can find personal and commendation files, documents on military units, Greater Poland Uprising, Anders Army, war prisoners, injured and many more. In the case of a person with an officer rank - it is easy to find information in the computer database at the Central Military Archive’s library. If not - it is important to provide additional details such as name of the unit, military service period, place of service, etc. One of the more interesting collections are personal files of Chief Rabbis of the Polish Army and rabinnate documents in general.

In addition, there is also a storeroom where private belongings of soldiers are kept. Relatives have the possibility to take them back. Documents are available only at the library of the Central Military Archives in Rembertow upon ordering the records.



Main Website Page:  http://www.archiwum.krakow.pl/menueng.php

Contact Information:   ul. Sienna 16, 30-960 Krakow

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