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All of the following maps and the landmarks mentioned in each map have been compiled into our Google Earth Rohatyn Folder.

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Many thanks to Alberto for initiating this project.


(The table below gives the names of streets in Rohatyn as they were known at different periods of time. The label column provides numbers that correspond to labelled streets on the c1930 map and on the 2002 map. The current street names were obtained from the 2002 city map of Rohatyn and translated by Yefim. The 1943 street names correspond to the 1943 city map acquired and translated by Donia. The interwar period Polish street names were determined from the 1943 list, the 1932 city map, and lists made by Rosette Halpern. Many thanks go to them in providing the means to figuring this out. The task was made more difficult by the fact that some street names have moved from where they were known in 1943 to different locations on the the 2002 map. If you notice any mistakes or would like to add street names, please let me know. - Alex.)


The following map of Rohatyn was provided by Rabbi Moshe Leib Kolesnik, Chief Rabbi of Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine. The numbered streets correspond to the table above.

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Map of Rohatyn c1930.


The following map of Rohatyn was also provided by Rabbi Moshe Leib Kolesnik.

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Map of Rohatyn 1932

Translation of Legend on 1932 Map: (Translation by Donia)

1. Starostwo = District Prefecture (Administrative Office of the Powiat (county))

2. Sad Powiatowy = County Court

3. Wydsiae Powiatowy = County Division

4. Kasa Skarbowa = Savings Bank

5. Magistrat = Town Hall

6. Gimnazjum Panstwowe = Polish State Secondary School - Piotra Skargi State Gymnasium

7. Pryw. Gimnazjum Ukrain = Ukrainian Private Secondary School

8. Szkola Powszechna = Primary School (aka Czerwona Szkola = Red School) Note from Donia: Practically all but those who went to cheder attended it. I received my first grade education there by 1941. After the outbreak of the war in 1939, I was in the school yard after school when a Polish boy threw a log at me which split my forehead over my eye and called me a parszywa Zydowka. At this point, the Soviets came in. The Nazi's blitzkrieg overran us in 1941.

9. Osrodlk Zdrowia = Health Center

10. Kasa Chorych = Health Insurance Union

11. Elektownia Miejska = Power Station

12. Zrodla Miejskie = Municipal Springs

13. Pow. Knida P.P. i Poster P.P.

Shaded Box 1:

Shaded Box 2: Public Buildings or other assets protected by governmental authority

Other Buildings on the Map:

Poczta (on ul. Slowackiego next to #4) = Post Office

Klasztor (off ul. Slowackiego at top of map) = Monastery and Hospital

Cmentarz Miejski (area at top of map with '+') = Municipal Cemetery

Cmentarz Zydowski = Jewish Cemetery

Ogrod Miejski =



The following map was acquired by Donia during her trip to Rohatyn in 1998. This map provides streets in Rohatyn in 1943 which were already renamed in German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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Map of Rohatyn 1943


The following photograph was acquired by Alex from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The photo was taken by the German Luftwaffe on June 27, 1944 probably to plan a strategy against the Russian army. The collection of the German Aerial Photographs were captured by the Allied forces.

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The following map of Rohatyn is a published travel map by a Ukrainian company. Street names are given in Ukrainian and landmarks are also shown.

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