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From Eric Feinstein via Marla 6/5/2016

The first is a project to map the graves of K.U.K. Jewish soldiers.

I have this reference of a soldier that died in Rohaytn.

Rohatyn ROHRLICH Jakob Suczawa 1883 gefallen bei Rohatyn in Galizien

31-Aug-1914 Leutnant in der Reserve Infanterie-Regimente Nr. 61

The second is from the list of K.U.K. military burials in the

Bielsko-Biala Jewish cemetery.

One is from Rohatyn (as opposed to dying there.)


- Rohatyń -

From Alex D.

on 18/9/1935 onboard "transport Polonia" were Ehrlich Dawid with his wife Gitel, sons Rafal and Hirsz, daughters Sara Dwora and Henia.

Tombstone Preservation Project Resources

1. http://www.lo-tishkach.org/en/

Contact: Meilach Bindinger data@lo-tishkach.org

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2. http://www.zadikim.org/index.asp

Contact: Rabbi Gabbai gabay@zadikim.org

3. Ruslana Okrepka ruslana.okrepka@gmail.com

4. http://www.magurycz.org/

Contact: Stowarzyszenie Magurycz stowarzyszenie@magurycz.org


5. US Commission For The Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad


Contact: Lesley Weiss LWeiss@ncsj.org

6. Jewish Heritage Europe


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Rosenstein/Beinstok from Rohatyn



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Brief Description: Michael Szafel and his wife Ester, nee Teichman

Catalog No.: 58415

Type of Item: Photo

Databank: Photo Archive

Michael Szafel and his wife Ester, nee Teichman. They lived in the vicinity of Rogatin in Galicia, Poland, before WWII. Note: For further information about them and their family see Holdings Registry file No. 29941 in the GFH Archives.

390 Clara (Chaja) Einstoss (nee Lieblich) 20 Apr 1865 - 16 Jun 1901 (SR) (FAUG)

born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as daughter of Moritz (Moses) Lieblich + wife Mina (Teme) nee Bruell

(death record 256 + 257) married 20 Mar 1890 in Augsburg

Simon (Schewach) Einstoss 16 Oct 1864 - 19 Nov 1942 (died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

trader of house + kitchen goods + toys in Augsburg since 1890 (had lived in Vienna, Austria before) born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as son of Eisik Einstoss + wife Perl nee Muellstein

as a widower Simon Einstoss on 14 Sep 1902 married Mina Kahn 17 Oct 1876 Altenstadt - 1949 Rio de Janeiro couple and sons Paul + Justin emigrated to Brazil during the late 1930s

potential daughter ? = Frieda Einstoss (death record 1342)

256 Moritz (Moses) Lieblich ca 1840- 19 Mar 1893 (missing in SR) (FAUG) moved from Ulm to Augsburg around 1875, storehouse assistant for Jacob Binswanger born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as son of ? married ca 1857 Mina (Teme) Bruell ca 1842 - 16 Mar 1894 born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as daughter of ? (Source: Sandy Malek)

257 Minna (Teme) Lieblich (nee Bruell) ca 1842 - 16 Mar 1894 (missing in SR) (FAUG) born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as daughter of ? married ca 1858 Moritz (Moses) Lieblich ca 1840 - 19 Mar 1893 born in Rohatyn (Galicia) as son of ? daughter Clara (Chaja) married Schewach Einstoss (see death record 390) (Source: Sandy Malek)


FISCH Jacob from Rohatyn/Rohatin 1857- 31 Dec 1916 Vienna


Fisch Jakob aged 59 02.01.1917

Gefter Gisela aged 45 29.05.1928 31.05.1928

Lauderhill man, 85, presents his own Holocaust memorial

November 16, 2010|By Lisa J. Huriash, Sun Sentinel

Shlomo Laufer, 85, knows too much about the Holocaust.

Laufer was barely a teenager when Hitler's Germany invaded his hometown of Rohatin, Poland, and he said goodbye to his mother, never to see her again. His late wife had nightmares and refused to speak about the horror.

It is only now that Laufer is inspired to create art, to do his part to honor the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis.

So for two weeks he lovingly crafted a 16-inch sculpture out of clay and plaster and sprayed it with gold and silver paint. The hand reaching for the sky with figures of men, women and babies clinging to it is a scaled-down replica of "The Sculpture of Love and Anguish," the massive bronze at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.

On Tuesday, at the Forest Trace community in Lauderhill where Laufer lives, his piece was formally presented to the Mania Nudel Holocaust Learning Center at the David Posnack JewishCommunity Center in Davie. It will be on permanent display there.

When the Germans invaded Poland, Laufer's father, who owned his own business manufacturing military uniforms, fled with him and one brother. His mother and three other siblings stayed behind and all of them eventually died from hunger in a ghetto.

Laufer's father bribed one of his employees for his survival. In exchange for food and shelter in the basement for him and his two sons, the employee, a tailor, could help himself to the 20 electric sewing machines in the family business. The tailor eagerly agreed.

Laufer made his way from Poland to Russia, where he was conscripted into an army tank brigade that eventually liberated Majdanek. In the 1940s, Laufer tried to flee to Palestine with other young Jews, but its British occupiers caught him and sent him to a camp in Cyprus.

There he met his wife Freida, who had survived Auschwitz and a labor camp in Poland, and they emigrated from Greece to Israel in 1948.

Eventually the couple and their children moved to Brooklyn, where Laufer worked as a home contractor and builder. He has lived in Lauderhill since the 1980s. His wife died two years ago and he now has a girlfriend, a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Laufer dabbles in art as a hobby and previous projects include metal art sculpted with a torch, and figurines made of Lucite. This piece is his only work dedicated to the Holocaust.

The memorial committee of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach describes the full-size sculpture this way: "A giant outstretched arm, tattooed with a number from Auschwitz, rises from the earth, the last reach of a dying person. Each visitor has his own interpretation. Some see despair, some hope, some the last grasp for life, and for some it asks a question to God: 'Why?'"

The idea behind Laufer's memorial is simpler. "I did it for you and for your children," he said. "They should know about the Holocaust."

Lisa J. Huriash can be reached at lhuriash@SunSentinel.com or 954-572-2008.