1932 Rohatyn Map

This is a map I received from Rabbi Moshe Leib Kolesnik of the Ukraine. The map is dated 1932 and some streets are named as well as buildings. Please help in translating the building names written in the legend. plus some of the names written on the map that are not referenced in the legend.

Legend: (Translation by Donia Shwarzstein)

1. District Prefecture

2. County Court

3. County Division

4. Savings Bank

5. Town Hall

6. Polish State Secondary School - Piotra Skargi State Gymnasium

7. Ukrainian Private Secondary School ? ?

8. Primary School (aka Czerwona Szkola ?= Red School) Note from D.S.: "Practically all but those who went to cheder attended it. I received my first grade education there by 1941. After the outbreak of the war in 1939, I was in the school yard after school when a Polish boy threw a log at me which split my forehead over my eye and called me a parszywa Zydowka. At this point, the Soviets came in. The Nazi's blitzkrieg overran us in 1941."

9. Health Center

10. Health Insurance Union

11. Power Station

12. Municipal Springs


Shaded Box 1:

Shaded Box 2: ?Public Buildings or other assets protected by governmental authority

Other Buildings on the Map

Poczta (on ul. Slowackiego next to #4) - Post Office

Klasztor (off ul. Slowackiego at top of map) - Monastery and Hospital

Cmentarz Miejski (area at top of map with '+') - Municipal Cemetery

Cmentarz Zydowski - Jewish Cemetery