Rodfe Zedek

A letter dated October 26, 1937 was sent from the admistrator of the Rohatyn District to the vovoidship of Stanislawow. A copy of this letter is on microfilm at CAHJP in Jerusalem. An image of this letter was acquired by Karen.

Rodfe Zedek of Bolzsowce was first registered on March 22, 1877. A membership meeting was held on January 31, 1937 and the following board members were elected.

President: Fischel Locker

Vice President: Jucie Beker

Secretary: Majer Frimet

Alternate Secretary: Markus Wolfgang

Treasurer: Izak Aron Scheer

Controller: Marcu Popik

Membership: Mechel Frimet, Hersch Scheer, Izrael Broder