Bursztyn 18th Century Documents

webpage added 9/8/16 by Alex Feller

The attached document was provided by Logan Kleinwaks and originated in the Ossolineum Archive of Lviv. The pages contain lists of Jews with patronymics as surnames. The full link to the source of the document is here. http://bazy.oss.wroc.pl/kzc/pobi.php?fond_145_d_1/rl_f145_d_1_rkps_76.pdf (the at

If someone in the group is able to translate the document or the list, I would greatly appreciate it.

rubin moszko hershkowicz

szymon moskowicz

szymon judkowicz

moszko lebowicz opowski?

feywel jacubowicz

pinchas jonowicz

eybka abramkowicz

leyzer jonowicz

abramko hayzykowicz

zalman jonowicz

abramko zufmanowicz

zelman jakubowicz