Holocaust Victims and Survivors

Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 - 1945


Local post Holocaust Investigations

According to documents available on Yad Vashem's Shoah-related List Databases, there were three local investigations into Nazi crimes in and around Rohatyn. Each document is in a different language, one Polish, one Ukrainian, and one Russian.

1. (Polish) List of Survivors from Rohatyn:

See below under 'Attachments' for Rohatyn Survivor Lists.

4. (Ukrainian) List of Jews from Various Ghettos in the Stanislawow Region, who were murdered 1942-1943.


Yad Vashem site. RG O.41, File 1058.

Also in the Rabbi Kolesnik Collection.

2. (Ukrainian) List of Jewish residents from the Stanislawow district who perished between 1941-1944.

A translation of these lists appears online at Stanislau (Ivano-Frankivsk) Lists of Victims, a JewishGen website, and below under 'Attachments' as pdf files labelled Stanislau List 1 and 2.

Note that the heading of 'Number of Street' in Stanislau list 2 should read 'Number in Family Killed'.

These lists are from the documents of the Russian Commission investigating Nazi crimes. The documents were sealed from the public in the Stanislau Archives until 1991. The list was compiled and transliterated by Alexander Dunai from a copy in the possession of Rabbi Kolesnik of Ivano-Franakivsk at the request of Joyce Field and Susannah Juni. For additional comments, see the introduction to the Bolshowtsy list.

The data were transmitted to us in five different files. There are different fields in the different files, leading to the conclusion that the files may have been created by different hands. Nevertheless, the list of names contains valuable information about the Stanislau residents who were killed. This material has been donated by Alexander Dunai, Joyce Field, and Susannah Juni. Thanks are also due to Walt Rosenzweig, who conscientiously prepared the lists for future inclusion in a searchable database. Mr. Dunai has included the following explanatory notes:

Lists include only Jewish names. Missed numbers are for Polish and Ukrainian people.

When the letter or name is written in [..] this means that in the original record it is difficult to recognize this letter.

A series of dots [..... ] means that the record is unreadable

Dunai put his comments on spelling of the names in (..)

In Russian and Ukrainian "G" and "H" are written as one letter , so the names Haber and Gaber will be transliterated as the same word. So every surname with "H" can also be spelled with "G" and vice versa.

3. (Russian) Lists of survivors and perished from Rogatin from the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission in 12/1944, including itemization of property damage.

The table below is a translation of these lists from Russian to English by Yefim who made the following comments:

1. The whole table is for the residents of Rohatyn.

2. I think that if in column 4 says Rohatyn (23 times) - maybe these people were left alive in Rohatyn!? or quicky returned to Rohatyn after Soviets regain territory back in 1944.

3. You will find in the name column(col 2) Last Name, First name or only Last name or even only First name. Some names were hard to read and I made an attempt to construct the words, but in a number of cases names do not sound right. Some names sound not Jewish.

4. Some of the numbers also might not be correct... # of family members - 40, 45, 85?

5. There is a section in #767 from 27-33, there is no number of members of the families and no information about their fate. The names sound not Jewish and possible that these are Ukranian people from the place close to Rohatyn working on the land and they probably lost some of their stock too.


December 20, 1944. We signed below, head of a comission_________and members of the commission 1.________

2. ________created this act/list that by occupying and committing outrages actions german-faschists cooupyers caused

losses/damages named in this act/list to the residents of Statnislav obl., Rogatin district, town of Rogatin