To Do List

Projects To Do List

Rohatyn Records/Documents to Obtain:

    1. Kollel Galicia in Jerusalem

    2. CAHJP in Jerusalem

    3. Cadastral Map and Records from Gesher Galicia (October 2010)

    4. Fanny Holtzmann file at AJA in Cincinnati

    5. Wawel Archive in Krakow

    6. Ivano-Frankisvisk Oblast Archive

    7. Photographing tombstones in Rohatyn Society plots

    8. 1932 and 1934 Telephone Directory for Rohatyn at Yad Vashem

Archives to Explore if records exist for Rohatyn

    1. Stefanyk Library in Lviv.

Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide (DOJR) by IAJGS

- initiating project.

- Avotaynu Vol 35, Number 3 Fall 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Rekognition tool for facial recognition program


- - RapidMiner Studio

- AWS Mechanical Turk -