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Rohatyn Jewish Heritage

JewishGen Shtetlinks website for Rohatyn

JewishGen Locality page for Rohatyn

Rohatyn Yizkor book translation

Rohatyn Yizkor book online

YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in EE

International Jewish Cemetery Project

RTR-Foundation Photo Database Then search on 'Rogatin'

Stanislawow Yizkor book translation

Stanislawow Yizkor book list of names

Yad Vashem Digital Collections

Rohatyn on The Virtual Shtetl website

Rohatyn website by Roman Zakharii

Rohatyn Photos by Roman Zakharii

Rohatyn Blog by Edgar Hauster or English Google Translation

Rohatyn page on JHI website

City of Rogatin website or English version

Rohatyn images on Bagnowka website

Rohatyn images at Polish Nat'l Digital Archives

Rohatyn Satellite on Google Earth

Rohatyn on Wikipedia

Rohatyn images on Europeana

Rohatyn on

Rohatyn 2008 Visit by J&M Osborn

Rohatyn misc. travel pics from M. Osborn.

Rohatyn student signatures on the Polish Declaration of Admiration and Friendship for the United States 1926.

Rohatyn Memorial in Israel

Location of Rohatyn Records in Ukraine Enter 'Rogatin' as town name then click Search.

Archives of Ukraine (English)

Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lvov (translated)

State Archives of Lviv Oblast (translated)

State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (translated)

Location of Rohatyn Records in Poland Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw (AGAD)

The Head Office of the State Archives

Jewish Historical Institute

Center for Jewish History Databases

Remembering Rohatyn by Sharon Shulkind

Rohatyn Records at Kollel Galicia in Jerusalem

Map of Rohatyn area (1889)

Map of Rohatyn area (1931)

Map of Rohatyn area (1930)

Map of Rohatyn area (1947)

University of Vienna Memorial to Victims

Austrian Victims of the Holocaust (Search "rohatyn" and "rohatin" in place of birth)

YIVO Encyclopedia to the Jews of Galicia

History of the Town of Rohatyn (Polish)

General Jewish Genealogy Research:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


Ukraine SIG

Gesher Galicia

Steve Morse's One Step to information

ItalianGen NY Vital Records and Naturalizations

The Family History Library Catalog (for microfilms)

United States National Archives

Logan's Genealogy Indexer

Virtual Shtetl

Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw

Polish Center For Holocaust Research

Galicia Jewish Museum (Krakow)

Belzec Death Camp

Aktion Reinhard Camps

Holocaust Education and Archive Research Team

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Finds arrival cards for immigrants and locates lost family members)

JDC Archives

Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum

Digitized Collection of Jewish Records

Stanford Archive of Polish records