Bursztyn Marriages 1908-1929

Title: Index book of marriages recorded by the kahal of Bursztyn, 1878-1929

Archive: Polish State Archive in Przemysl; Fond 154/70/328

Image Acquisition: Gesher Galicia (Przemysl Identification Project)

Indexing: Alexander Feller

Link to images of Index Book Bursztyn Marriages 1879-1929 (Fond 154/70/328) requires membership to Gesher Galicia.

Notes on Document: This is an index book of grooms for marriages in the Bursztyn community 1878-1929. The book is arranged chronologically and grouped alphabetically by the first letter of the surname. Pages for surnames starting with letters A and I/J are missing thus there are listings missing from the index and noted in column 'Indexer comments'. Images of full marriage records for the years 1878-1908 are publically available and have been indexed by JRI-Poland. Images of full marriage records for the years 1908-1924 are publically available but indexing by JRI-Poland requires further funding. Full records 1925-1939 are still held privately in the USC archive in Warsaw. For links to images of available full records, see Bursztyn Records and Data.

Notes on Spreadsheet: Since marriage records for Bursztyn 1878-1908 have been indexed by JRI-Poland, I only indexed the remaining records in the index book 1908-1929. I compared the index to available full records 1908-1924 and added missing records, and names of brides. The spreadsheet is sorted by Groom's surname, Bride's surname, and by Record number (see tabs at bottom of spreadsheet). Some listings contain two surnames. I only indexed these listings once by the first surname written so make sure to look at the whole spreadsheet.

Bursztyn M1908-1929 ‎(PRZ154/70/328)‎